Why Incurable Diseases Do Not Exist!

Throughout the course of our existence human kind has been besieged with trying to understand the nature of disease. From epidemics that wiped out large populations to the rarest diseases seldom seen before, we have often been at odds with nature and our health. This topic continues to be a subject of great concern even in our modern age with our modern technology. Up until nearly one hundred years ago most people in the Western world died from what were considered “infectious diseases”.

This would include such diseases as smallpox, influenza, typhoid, diphtheria, yellow fever, and others. An infectious disease is one where a pathogen, (virus, bacteria, fungi, or parasite), is allowed to enter into a person’s body due to a weakened or unprepared immune system. These diseases usually spread from host to host, (like person to person,) or by tainted water, air, or food. While much of the “third world” and many indigenous populations are still besieged by infectious diseases, better sanitation, clean drinking water, and more substantial nutrition have all but eliminated infectious diseases from modern civilization. That is the good news. The bad news is that most diseases of our time in the Western world are referred to as “autoimmune” diseases.


These are diseases where the body and mind create disease internally. From heart disease to cancer, diabetes to high blood pressure, auto-immune diseases are the norm for the modern world. These diseases are referred to as “culturalgenic”. This means that they are more prone to specific patterns within specific cultures and not across the board. The way we are leading our lives is what is making us sick. While medical science remains hopelessly baffled by autoimmune diseases there is a great amount of hope to rely on. The truth is this. There are no incurable diseases. In order to better understand how any disease can be cured we will begin to explore the nature of the systems designed to diagnoses and treat disease. We will delve into politics, economics, and cross-cultural issues. In the video below, you find some vital information that might be surprise you.

Bolaji Alli is the lead contributor and editor for Natural Health In Action , a website committed to empowering the physical well being of humanity. He is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist from the College of Natural Nutrition and a member of The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners in the United Kingdom. Bolaji was awarded the order of Merit for outstanding contribution to Alternative Medicine by Empire Magazine. He is the author of “The Miracle Power of Holistic Medicines”.

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