Questioning The HIV/AIDS Hypothesis-Is HIV/AIDS A Hoax?

As we mark the World AIDS day today, i intend to put out some blog posts to counter the existing hypothesis regarding HIV/AIDS. To start with, the mere assumption that AIDS cannot be cured is ludicrous. We have got the immune system, which has served us well for all the period that man has roamed the earth. For anyone who thinks that a cocktail of drugs will bring a solution to AIDS/HIV is seriously deluded.  Just think about the death toll that occurred when AZT killed thousands of HIV diagnosed victims in the 1980’s in Europe and America and 1990’s in Africa. Here is an article i wrote back in 2007. Take a read and if you find it valuable please share it with your Friends, family and colleagues.

Questioning The HIV/AIDS hypothesis

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In order to solve the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has faced humanity in the last 30 years, we need to look at the whole subject anew. We need to ask a question that in the minds of the majority is so disturbing that it is not worth thinking about. My question is quite simple. Is HIV/AIDS a hoax? Are we facing the biggest cover up in modern history? Is HIV the cause of AIDS or are we embarking on a wild goose chase? Are some conniving dark forces at work?

In order to give answers to these, let us dwell on a fictitious-or maybe not so fictitious scenario. Imagine a scientist in a lab somewhere discovers that a plant from the Amazon can be used as juice to eliminate all signs of AIDS in 30 days. (By the way such a plant does exist). Imagine also that he used this herb on 1000 patients and all signs of AIDS cleared in 30 days. At long last a cure for AIDS is finally found! We have found a cure for AIDS that is inexpensive, simple, and all natural with no side effects and can easily be found in a health food stores. Anyone with the fear of contracting HIV would simply go to the local health food store and drink this juice without the need for doctor’s prescription. What do you think would happen? International honors for this scientist as well the Nobel Prize for services to humanity. The whole medical community would be grateful to this man and the world would be a better place.

Unfortunately, the world we live in does not work that way. In fact, there is likelihood that he will be arrested and locked up for practicing medicine without license. The information regarding the plant will be suppressed. Otherwise if the information got out, the information could be severe to all concerned. Almost immediately, billions of dollars would be wiped out of the world stock markets with hundreds of thousands of jobs lost, All the HIV/AIDS organizations would be closed down, billions of dollars would be lost to parasite organizations such as AIDS charities, research organizations, government bodies, trusts, the media aligned to HIV/AIDS campaign, The AIDS societies, and not to talk of the pharmaceutical companies involved in selling HIV drugs that does not cure the disease! The United States alone has spent almost $200 billion on the war to fight against AIDS!

You see the HIV/AIDS is an extremely lucrative cash generating income for all concerned. Money is a more powerful motivation than truth. As long as the general public is griped with the fear about this disease the more lucrative it becomes and the more we are told that a ‘cure is on its way’ the same message has been repeated since 1984.

If economic interest is not the reason for not finding a cure for AIDS, then what is? Surely with all the medical brains, time and billions of dollars spent, thousands of lives lost we should come closer to a solution. If man, who was able to send man to the moon, develops super sonic jets, split the atom, could he not find a means to kill this HIV virus we a told causes AIDS?

The HIV virus seems to be imbued with supernatural powers. This we are told is a retrovirus once infection has occurred in humans would unquestionably result in death-100%. We are also told that this virus that is a small as 0.0001mm can cause up to 30 different diseases and devastate the entire immune system of its victims. Unlike other retroviruses which are fast that causes diseases three weeks after infection, HIV is slow can remain in the body for up twelve years before diseases may develop. This means that the HIV possesses magical abilities to reactivate, mutate, migrate and hibernate for that length of time. Thus is characteristics are different from other similar viruses.

I suspect that this slow virus hypothesis used by HIV proponents to buy time when the slow acting HIV was not immediately causing any disease.

Also, when a person tests positive to the HIV tests it is not that the virus was isolated and identified in the blood. It is because the tests identify high degree of anti bodies present. These antibodies emerge when the body is being attacked by microbes, once the anti bodies are released, according to scientists the microbes are either killed or immobilized and rendered harmless. That is why we recover from a cold when we are infected. Thus disease cannot take place after the antibodies is released which seems to be the place with HIV/AIDS. Why is this basic fact of science turned upside down with HIV? By the way we have thousands of retroviruses within our body system that causes us no harm!

There is an argument by leading retro virologist that Retro viruses don’t kill T-cells to causes disease. Even if they do they cannot produce enough to kill all the T-cells enough to cause disease. T-cells can reproduce at 5% a day. Thus HIV can only infect 1 cell in 1000 or 1 cell in 100,000, nowhere to bring down the entire immune system enough to cause AIDS. It is like saying a housewife will die of a fatal disease while slightly cutting her finger slicing vegetables!

Leaving the sciences aside, why it that AIDS is has not spread to the general population and is still confined in the West to its original risk group for over 12 years. These groups are homosexuals and IV drug users. Unlike other contagious sexual diseases, it is not spread amongst men and women alike. As a result whatever is causing AIDS in the developed world is not contagious and is locked in to the original risk groups. In the United States AIDS is still rare among women who are not drug users. In Africa however, it is a different story and AIDS is spread to both men and women equally and children! Why is this so? Why the inconsistency.

There so many holes and inconsistencies in the HIV/AIDS arguments that I believe since we are told that this is a crisis of global proportions we must look at things a new to end this scourge and expense on humanity.

Let us not forget that one time we believed that bloodletting was a cure for most diseases and that tobacco is good for us. Now we know differently.

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Bolaji Alli is the lead contributor and editor for Natural Health In Action , a website committed to empowering the physical well being of humanity. He is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist from the College of Natural Nutrition and a member of The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners in the United Kingdom. Bolaji was awarded the order of Merit for outstanding contribution to Alternative Medicine by Empire Magazine. He is the author of “The Miracle Power of Holistic Medicines”.

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