Nobel Prize-Winner Hails Iodine the “Universal Medicine” That Can Save Your Life…

Iodine consumption is at 30-year lows. That means you’re likely deficient. This one key mineral is not only linked to thyroid problems but prostate problems, brain disorders, depression and heart palpitations. Iodine deficiency is even linked to cancer especially those linked to the endocrine glands such as the thyroid, breast, ovary, uterus and prostate cancers.

In the video below,  Find out how to skyrocket iodine in your body to ease, even eliminate these problems…

Bolaji Alli is the lead contributor and editor for Natural Health In Action , a website committed to empowering the physical well being of humanity. He is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist from the College of Natural Nutrition and a member of The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners in the United Kingdom. Bolaji was awarded the order of Merit for outstanding contribution to Alternative Medicine by Empire Magazine. He is the author of “The Miracle Power of Holistic Medicines”.

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