Here Is The Reason This Medicine Is So Powerful!

So, you’re considering using holistic medicines for your health problem instead of the standard “drugs or surgery” approach?

Well, good for you!

You’ve definitely come to the right place to find the answers you need.

Here are 3 big reasons why you should be holistic medicines over orthodox medical treatments…


#1. Safety: It’s shocking to realize that over 200,000 people die in the U.S. each year from taking prescription medication.

That’s right, over 200,000!

Another 300,000 people die every year in hospitals as a result of medical negligence. That’s over half a million people each year (and these statistics are very conservative). 1

So how many people die each year from using holistic medicine or alternative medicine… virtually zero!

#2. Inexpensive: Orthodox medical treatments can cost you a small fortune – private health insurance, the cost of medications, Medicare and doctor’s bills (even if you don’t pay for it directly, you pay for it in your taxes).

Natural cures and natural remedies, on the other hand, are far cheaper. Especially if you grow some of the home remedies in your own garden!

#3. They can be highly effective: Yes, it’s a fact. Holistic medicines and cures work far better than orthodox medical treatments.


Because they treat the underlying cause, not just the symptom.

For instance, blood pressure drugs will lower your blood pressure (treat the symptom). But the underlying cause of your high blood pressure (clogged arteries) still continues on.

If it’s not rectified, death can be the ultimate result!

However, by using natural treatments and natural cures the root cause of the problem is addressed (de-clogging the arteries and doing the appropriate detoxification program). So the “cure” will be real and permanent.

Below is a video that explains more.


Bolaji Alli is the lead contributor and editor for Natural Health In Action , a website committed to empowering the physical well being of humanity. He is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist from the College of Natural Nutrition and a member of The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners in the United Kingdom. Bolaji was awarded the order of Merit for outstanding contribution to Alternative Medicine by Empire Magazine. He is the author of “The Miracle Power of Holistic Medicines”.

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